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2014-01-14 Nonlinear Seminar

prof. UW dr hab. Urszula Foryś (Warsaw University)
Modelling of biochemical reactions with delays

Nowadays, in the description of biochemical reactions not only ordinary differential equations but also equations with delays are applied. Time delays can be used to reflect different time scales at which modelled reactions occur. During our (together with M. Bodnarem, J. Miękisz and J. Poleszczuk) research we have found that simple, intuitive methods of introducing delay can lead to improper conclusions, such as oscillatory dynamics of the simple protein delayed degradation process. I shall show that the simplest model proposed by Bartsun et al. (2005) should be modified. It occurs that to obtain oscillatory dynamics one needs to consider much more complex reactions channel, with negative feedback and dimerization.

The seminar is to be held in room B1-37.