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Optimization and Control Theory Dept

Welcome to the home page of the Optimization and Control Theory Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The staff of the Department conduct research in selected problems of two domains: convex and nonlinear analysis. In particular, algebraic, analytic, geometrical and topological properties of pairs of closed convex sets are investigated, among others:

are recurrent topics.

Another direction of research is nonlinear analysis. Among the topics discussed are:


2015-05-25 News

Prof. UAM dr hab. Dariusz Bugajewski and dr Piotr Kasprzak took part in the conference Between Theory and Applications: Mathematics in Action, May 25-30, 2015, Będlewo, Poland organized by Center for Applications of Mathematics

Prof. UAM dr hab. Dariusz Bugajewski chaired a session on almost periodicity and delivered a talk entitled On certain classes of (not necessarily bounded) almost periodic functions.

Dr Piotr Kasprzak delivered a talk entitled Almost periodicity in integrate-and-fire models.

2014-09-22 News

Dr Piotr Kasprzak was chosen to be Managing Editor at the Journal of Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Applications.


2014-09-21 News

From September 17 to September 20 2014 prof. Ryszard Urbański, prof. Dariusz Bugajewski, dr hab. Jerzy Grzybowski, dr Marcin Borkowski dr Daria Bugajewska, dr Piotr Kasprzak, dr Hubert Przybycień, mgr. Adam Nawrocki and mgr. Jędrzej Sadowski participated in the DMV-PTM joint meeting, UAM, Poznań.


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